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The Clothespin That Lasts Forever


This is the last clothespin you will ever need to buy!

AIDOR’s brand new patent product is a state-of-the-art, metal, compact clothespin designed to replace the cumbersome, flimsy, clothespins available in the market.


No more plastic or wooden clothespins that break while hanging the laundry and are easily lost


Our Forever Clothespins are uniquely designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are engineered to stay securely on your laundry line, so they will never get lost!


Superior Customer Satisfaction

Ready for use indoors and outdoors

Saves room – you can hang it directly on the laundry line


Keeps its shape even after years

Cost Effective

Unique materials that never break


Buy a package once...

and it will last you a lifetime

Private Branding

Distributors and retailers can brand it with their own label 

Option for customized packaging

Label can be customized

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